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Marvel fans have had the chance to see Baby Groot on the big screen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but imagine if you ran into the adorable little guy on the streets of Los Angeles.

Thanks to creator Pavel Kacerle, that became a reality. Kacerle wanted to try out an idea he had for how Hollywood presents their movie premieres. In the past the studios have shared numerous photos and videos from their live events on social media, but what if there was a way to share all encompassing video from all locations at the same time on social media? Kacerle used his extensive background in visual effects work and knowledge from his friends over at Hurley FX to rig up the amazing Baby Groot RC vehicle you see above, complete with 360-degree camera. The camera can capture and broadcast full video, and it all comes from the point of view of little Groot.

While Baby Groot couldn’t attend the premiere, he decided to delight fans on the streets of LA. All of the little details were more than appreciated by fans young and old, and you can see the little guy in action in the video above. Hit the gallery for some behind the scenes photos as well.

creative: Pavel Kacerle, production designer: Lukáš Veverka, Baby Groot: HurleyFX, property master: Matej Suchy, sound: Jaroslav Beck, script: Matej Chlupacek

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